A Little About Me.
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You’re probably here because you hate picking at your social media or your blog instead of running your business. Fortunately for you, I have been working on social media and copywriting for 7 years… and I still ENJOY every minute of it. I have worked with business from plumbing to transportation to bloggers. I have my own lifestyle blog. Furthermore, I know the ins and outs of content creation, social media systems, email marketing, and copy (or ghost) writing.

 I love to really engage in the business and get to know and BELIEVE in the business. I am a very passionate person. I fight for what I believe is right. I will stop short of sounding like a politician, but I love! love! love! seeing a business grow, even when I’m not directly part of the business. 

I am so happy that I am able to share the business journey with you. If there is ever any questions, please contact me.